Haloumi Cheese/ Sun-dried Tomatoes/ Endive/
Cherry Tomatoes/ Roasted Peppers/ Walnuts/
​Red Onion/ Mesclun Salad/ Grape Vinaigrette 

Smoked Salmon & Avocado 
Belgian Endives/ Cherry Tomatoes/Marinated Red Onions/ Mixed Greens/ Grape Vinaigrette 

Portobello Mushroom/ Sun-Dried Tomatoes/
Roasted Peppers/ Mesclun Salad/ Mozzarella/
Balsamic Vinaigrette 

Stuffed Grape Leaves/ Tomatoes/ Red Onions/ Cucumbers/ Red and Green Peppers/ Oregano/ Kalamata Olives/ Feta Cheese/ Romaine Lettuce 

Avocado/ Sweet Pecans/ Cranberries/
Blue Cheese/ Mesclun/ Grape Vinaigrette 

Pear and Mozzarella 
Arugula/ Mint leaves/ Lemon Honey Vinaigrette 

Romaine Lettuce/ Parmesan Cheese/
Croutons/ Dressing

Goat Cheese
Cherry Tomatoes/ Hazelnuts// Goat Cheese/
Mesclun/ Grape Vinagrette

Tarragon Capers Egg Salad 
Olive Tapenade/ Mesclun/ Tomatoes/ Cucumbers/ Red onion 

Health Sandwich 
​Grilled Eggplant/ Zucchini/ Yellow Squash/ Multi Grain Foccacia 
Home Made Roasted Peppers/ Fresh Mozzarella/ Mesclun salad

Jerusalem Toast 
​Feta Cheese/ Cheddar Cheese/ Tomatoes/ Kalamata Olives/
 Jerusalem Bagel/ Israeli Salad 

Portobello Panini 
Portobello Mushroom/ Mozzarella/ Roasted Peppers/ 
Olive Tapenade/ Focaccia/ Israeli Salad 

Find Your Soul Lox
Cream Cheese/ Red Onions/ Tomatoes/ Cucumbers/ Capers
Bagel: Whole Wheat or Regular 

Tuna & Artichoke 
Lettuce/ Olive Tapenade/ Tomatoes/ Kalamata Olives/ 
Foccacia/ Mesclun Salad 

Brie & Pear Panini 
Honey/ Mesclun 

Viva Italia 
Fresh Mozzarella/ Tomatoes/ Pesto/ Roasted Red Pepper

Smoked Salmon on a Croissant
Lax/ Imported Brie/Avocado