Fresh market vegetables and Kalamata olive dip 
Artisanal Cheeses                         
Variety of Imported and Domestic Cheeses, Fruit,
Nuts and Rustic Bread
Stuffed cherry tomato with herb goat cheese                Mini sliders with eggplant cake and cheddar cheese
and pickled carrot
Mini sliders with salmon cake and pickled purple onion  Avocado spring rolls 
Assorted Mini Quiches
Assorted Mini Burekas
Grilled Haloumi with Za’atar
Potato Pasteles
Vegetarian Cigars 
Vegetarian and Mushroom Kibbeh
Litchi with Blue Cheese and Walnut
Grapes Wrapped Goat and Blue Cheese
Pasta Shells Filled and Fried
Walnut Sandwich
Pasta Shells Filled with Ricotta Cheese 
Salmon Twisted
Litchi Filled Apricot and Blue Cheese
Cherry Tomatoes Filled with Avocado Mousse
​Roll up Cucumber with Feta and Roasted Pepper 

A Deluxe selection of Hors D’oeuvres to be passed Butler
style (Choice of approximately 5-8)
Miso-glazed Black Cod served on Red Endives 
Sundried tomato and Pistachio crusted Goat cheese skewers 
​Yellow tomato Gazpacho shooters 
Seared Ahi tuna with Guacamole and mango coulis
presented on Japanese spoons 
Seared Ahi tuna with sesame ginger sauce 
Figs stuffed with herbed Goat cheese wrapped with
Smoked Salmon and garnished with honey sauce 
Red tomato Gazpacho shooters 
Gravlax on pumpernickel rounds with Crème Fraiche
and Black Caviar
 Grilled vegetable tea sandwiches with Cheese
and Basil pesto 
Mini Brie and Pear Crostini 
Salmon Teriyaki skewers with Cherry Tomato
and purple Onions 
Smoked Salmon Napoléon  
Asparagus spears wrapped with Smoked Salmon 
Blue  cheese on toasted French bread drizzled with
honey dressing 
Tuna ceviche with Coconut milk sauce 
Salmon ceviche with Citrus sauce 
Tea sandwiches of lox, cream cheese and capers
Toasted French Baguette with roasted Red pepper and
Goat cheese 
Gravlax rosettes with Honey Mustard Dill sauce 
Mushrooms stuffed with a three-cheese soufflé 
Stuffed grape leaves 
​Assorted mini quiches